Commemorating Heros?

Today is the two hundred twenty-sixth day of 2017. I've seen posts today that are trying to illuminate what "really" happened in Charlottesville. I wasn't there, most of weren't, so really I cannot go off anything other than the select images we have received from the media.
However, the article I've seen talks about how this event was partisan.

Partisan? No.
Political? Yes, but not in a sense that it related to party politics - in the sense that it relates to power of one human being or groups of human beings over human beings. Whenever one group is set above another for its benefit is always political.

The article also goes on to say that the real problem is that the "left" is seeking to erase history. While I don't know what is intended for the statue of General Robert E. Lee, I don't believe that the decision for its removal is intended to erase history.

In my opinion, the statue and other statues of Confederate heroes should be relegated to museums, to history books, to historical documentaries, where we can learn about the mistakes of the past. (History museums should be free and I think most National ones are in our country). We should remember our history, I am a supporter of remembering where we came from and how we can move towards the beloved community that Martin Luther King Jr. believed in. I believe in the beloved community as well. Send the statute to a museum because it is a relic of the past.

Keeping a statue that was built 59 years AFTER the Civil War ended is an insult to our black sisters and brothers and their descendants upon who shouldered a large part of building this country.Let that sink in, 5-9 years! What was happening in 1924 that moved the people of Charlottesville to commemorate this statue? I will look into this and report back!

Statues are erected to honor and commemorate people who have striven to make our world better. They are also erected for other reasons, but for the sake of this argument, and solely my opinion, I believe that the statue of Gen. Lee was erected to commemorate a way of life that relied on the oppression of a specific group of people. A group of people who for some reason were deemed inferior based on the color of their skin. 
So, here's the truth of the matter: The Unite the Right rally that happened in Charlottesville was racist.  The Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, today in an interview with David Greene on National Public Radio, said that many of the rally-ers showed up in combat gear that rivaled that of the local and state police. They came with a mission, to disrupt the peace, and to assert that white lives matter more than black lives, which is an abhorrent falsity.  

I believe in a God that creates us each uniquely. Our diversity is a reflection of who God is... which means that God is all of us. If we would truly take the time to look at each other, and look deeply, we would see God there and all we would be able to do is love. I think deeply ingrained in us, even as deeply ingrained as the desire to learn language, is compassion.
Think about it, language allows us to communicate with each other - it is what leads to compassion.

So let's stop being trying to be color-blind see each for who we are: beloved children of God. 

Yesterday, the Bishop of the Missouri Annual Conference of United Methodist Church asked clergy and laity alike to consider their baptismal vows:

Here are two:
Do you renounce the spiritual forces of wickedness, reject the evil powers of this world, and repent of your sin? Yes, yes I do.
Do you accept the freedom and power God gives you to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves? Yes, yes I do.

Today I renounce racism as an evil power of this world, and repent of my sin of proliferating it, even unintentionally. I have benefited from a system that was built on this sin and I ask my God for forgiveness. Because of the forgiveness to me through the life of Jesus Christ, I will do all that I can to resist evil in all its manifestations. Lord, in your mercy hear my prayer.

Link to the article that made me write this post: What Really Happened in Charlottesville


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