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Commemorating Heros?

Today is the two hundred twenty-sixth day of 2017. I've seen posts today that are trying to illuminate what "really" happened in Charlottesville. I wasn't there, most of weren't, so really I cannot go off anything other than the select images we have received from the media. However, the article I've seen talks about how this event was partisan.
Partisan? No. Political? Yes, but not in a sense that it related to party politics - in the sense that it relates to power of one human being or groups of human beings over human beings. Whenever one group is set above another for its benefit is always political.
The article also goes on to say that the real problem is that the "left" is seeking to erase history. While I don't know what is intended for the statue of General Robert E. Lee, I don't believe that the decision for its removal is intended to erase history.
In my opinion, the statue and other statues of Confederate heroes should be relegate…