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The Qualities that Build Enduring Love

This is perhaps my final GPS insight blog entry for Church of the Resurrection. At least while I'm at Woods Chapel UMC in Lee's Summit, MO.
This August, my husband and I will celebrate five years of marriage. When we “tied the knot,” we were both in our thirties and had spent a significant amount of time alone developing habits that worked for our individual lives. Sharing and collaborating define the past five years of our lives together. We love each other immensely, but sometimes that love is tested when our individuality asserts itself. Our conversations, as well as our disagreements, are passionate because we both know that our tastes, opinions, and routines are correct. For example, I know that creamy peanut butter is far superior to crunchy. However, my husband believes the opposite. In fact, he claims that extra-crunchy is the only way. I make grocery lists, and he just goes to the grocery store. Of course, I know that I am correct in all things because right now we have…