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The Problem with Complacency

Lately, I've been having an issue with complacency. In Raytown, Missouri there is a hot issue about the City Government trying to sell a piece of land to Walmart. Like most people my age I'm not the biggest fan of Walmart and often get mad at myself for even walking into one. They are too dang convenient and their prescriptions are so reasonable! Agh!
The issue in Raytown right now is that some citizens want to preserve this vacant piece of land for local business. They've been crying out in uproar over it since the idea went into effect.
Here's my issue:
Why the uproar now? The Raytown Baptist Church used to stand on the site and probably about 10 years ago, the city tore the building down because of asbestos issues. And for 10 YEARS no one has had anything to do or say about this large green space. The two things that I know that occur there are the Summer Community Festival that has taken the place of Raytown Round-Up Days and the annual Raytown Easter Egg Hunt.