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Why I Believe in God, a work in Progress

This will be an ongoing blog as I try the best way to phrase myself.  It can also be an interactive one that you can give your opinion on.  Approaching the subject of God and trying to understand His/Her existence is complicated and that's why I'm leaving this one open ended.  I very rarely touch on the subject or discuss my beliefs, but I am going to attempt it. 
Keep in mind that these are my instant thoughts and they may not be fully understandable yet.

Five years ago, I considered myself an atheist.  I would find every reason in the book not to believe in God.  I was on a quest for knowledge and to me, God just didn't make any sense.  God to me was a fairy tale, a made up fiction that helped humans get through their day to day lives.  Something to live for I suppose.  I stopped going to church and decided to look for the explanation of life in other areas.  I figured our brains were the most important organs to ever grace this planet, and I felt the answers would lie the…